The last time I hung out with a friend, I got offered a cupcake from someone that they work with. I responded politely with, ‘no, thank you,’ and they asked, ‘are you sure?’. It didn’t bother me that she had asked again, she didn’t know I had diabetes, it was fine. But it was the fact that in the little time between her asking and me responding a second time, my friend blurted out, “She has diabetes and left her insulin at home.”

Shouldn’t that be something I share? Maybe I didn’t want that information shared with everyone around me? Why do friends of diabetics seem to think they have the right to tell everyone around you that you have diabetes? It’s not your disease, it’s mine. Please don’t go around acting like you have any right.

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Carpe Diem. Cogliete l’attimo, ragazzi. Rendete straordinarie le vostre vite. L’attimo fuggente. (via johnnykingsweet)

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